Rare earths and chemicals

Rare earths - competence through market leadership

As a market leader for rare earths, we supply the basis for manufacturing high-quality products with very special properties.

The more specific a product, the more important it is for us to work closely with our customers. For process optimization in particular, we often develop new solutions together.

Quality & environment

Meeting the highest standards

Treibacher Industrie AG produces all its products on the basis of standard ISO 9001. Additional product requirements in excess of these requirements can be met on a case-by-case basis e.g. through active ingredient GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

The following pages provide an overview of all the activities of Treibacher Industrie AG in the fields of environmental protection and quality awareness.

Further information on quality
Further information on environment

Research & development

Innovative high-tech solutions

Treibacher Industrie AG has been involved in the research and development of rare earths since its foundation. Today, our specialists work with state-of-the-art synthesis technologies to develop new rare earth and vanadium compounds.

Our innovations are geared towards customers active in the fields of chemistry, catalysis, pharmaceuticals, medicine and other industrial areas of application.

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  • Catalysts
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Pigments, frits and ceramic stains
  • Glass fusion and polishing agents
  • Lighters
  • Feed additives
  • Food supplements

Rare Earths and Chemicals

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Rare Earths and Chemicals

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