Research and Development

Top-level research, superior development

The key to success in our Research & Development (R&D) lies in understanding the structure and morphology of the target product. To achieve the precise combination of chemical and physical properties is always a major challenge.

Für Treibacher Industrie ist Forschung und Entwicklung ein wichtiger Erfolgsfaktor

“Our R&D portfolio of high-quality materials is geared to the market and to our customers. We understand our customers' needs and aim to provide a rapid response to those needs. We fully appreciate that fast time-to-market is a key factor to success for our customers - a good reason why working directly with our customers is so highly valued. To speed up implementation, we have defined platform technologies and established laboratory and pilot plants with small scaling steps. We focus on providing sustainable solutions and on conserving resources right from the start of the development process.”

STEFAN PIRKER, Head of Research

The high-quality tools which supprt development more than satisfy the ISO 9001 standard.

Multidisciplinary and international research groups

Treibacher Industrie AG's Research and Development team is made up of chemists, metallurgists, process engineers, and material scientists and supported by highly skilled laboratory technicians. Cooperation with customers and universities/research institutes on a national and international level is another important aspect of our successful innovations. In all research activities, high-quality tools supporting development well exceed the ISO 9001 requirements.

Stage Gate® process & intellectual property

To ensure the lasting success of our innovations, Treibacher Industrie AG operates an adapted Stage Gate® process that takes into account both market- and technology-related risks at all stages of development. Intellectual property in the form of well-protected patents derived from our R&D work is a declared goal. This is why, based on our corporate strategy, appropriate measures are already taken during the development phase, while providing the business unit with strategic analyses and recommendations for subsequent procedures.

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